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Hyundai installing dual-refrigerant compressor

By Steve Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor
My uncle Joe recently purchased a 2014 Hyundai Sonata to use as his commuter car for getting back and forth to work. When he brought it over to my house, naturally one of the first things I wanted to check out was the A/C system.
After giving the car a good walk around and checking out the interior controls the next thing I did was open the hood.
Figure 1 IMG_20140627_121628
I went right after that J639 label to see what refrigerant was being used in this sedan; looks like it’s still R-134a.
Figure 2 IMG_20140627_121741
I didn’t stop my investigation there. I still wanted to check out the hard parts of the A/C system. In particular, I wanted to see if Hyundai was in fact installing any “yf” type components into their vehicles yet, or if they were still using the standard R-134a parts. Besides the line-in-line heat exchanger, the compressor caught my eye next. Looks like the HCC compressor they’re using is compatible with both R-134a and R-1234yf.
Figure 3 IMG_20140627_121823
I’m looking forward to checking out the next new vehicle that comes along!
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