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Accurate refrigerant charge is essential

No automotive A/C  refrigeration system is completely tight, and cooling performance can  be marginal when the refrigerant charge is not correct. On today’s small capacity systems, that’s just a few ounces. One study showed that just a slightly low charge was enough to cause duct temperature to rise 3 degrees F, and significantly affect lubricant flow through the compressor.
In that case, the temperature at the A/C registers went up to 49 degrees F at 88 degrees ambient. So you might conclude, “nothing wrong with this system.” NOT TRUE!
Refrigerant top-off should not be considered a professional service procedure. Removing the refrigerant and installing the correct amount is the only way to insure proper cooling performance. Although that requires the service professional  to have a well-maintained refrigerant recovery and recycling machine with an accurate scale, there are no shortcuts when it comes to accurate charge.
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