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Are you using the right tool for your A/C job?


The annual MACS trade show, held in Orlando this year, may appear to have been just rows and rows of product displays. But a stroll-and-stop approach at manufacturers’ exhibits proved it to be just as much a technical training event as the classes in the remainder of the three-day program.
And we’re talking about a lot more than finding new sources of repair parts, although for many shops that is a worthwhile reason to walk the aisles. But probably the most valuable things you can find are the specialty items that improve the results you’ll get when you’re working on a car, whether it’s an improved repair part, an aftermarket fix for a common problem, new equipment that you didn’t know you needed – and how to use it — now. So for those of you who couldn’t attend, or who didn’t get to spend enough time at every display, here are some of the things that ACTION™ thought were worth some extra consideration. Download the May 2015 issue of ACtion Magazine to read the whole article.

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