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The heat is on, play it safe!

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide would like to remind everyone of the dangers of leaving children or animals unattended in a parked car, particularly during the hot summer months, and has released the article, The heat is on, don’t leave your chocolate candy, kids or pets in a locked car, available for free download from our website at this link:

Keep kids and animals safe this summer with a working A/C system

Keep kids and animals safe this summer with a working A/C system

The article, authored by MACS technical advisor Ward Atkinson, explores the science behind the potential exposure to dangerously high body temperatures that can occur to a person or animal remaining in a parked vehicle without an operating A/C system.

“We see it every summer, the tragic death of a child or animal left behind in a hot car,” explained Elvis L. Hoffpauir, MACS president and chief operating officer. “MACS has released this article in hopes of driving awareness of the problem to help save lives.”

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2 responses to “The heat is on, play it safe!”

  1. Drew says:

    Great reminder for everyone this summer. Even just a few minutes in a car with this heat and I am itching to get out so when the car is off, everyone should be out. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you we appreciate your response

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