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Do you know how to optimize system charge levels for modern condensers?

Attend MACS 2016 Training Event and Trade Show, February 11-13, 2016 at the Caribe Royale all-suite hotel and convention center in Orlando, FL and you’ll be able to take part in training classes like this:

Optimizing System Charge Levels For Modern Replacement Condensers 

Peter McArdle   |   Four Seasons  

Peter McArdle

Your replacement condenser may actually be more efficient that the one it is replacing. However, its internal physical volume and heat exchange efficiency may be significantly different than the original – even the OE replacement. If the system charge level is not optimized to take account of these differences the system may not perform satisfactorily; and worse, catastrophic compressor damage may result. Come to this class and learn how to adjust and optimize the system charge level on both orifice tube and TXV systems to match alternative condenser designs.

Register now and save money! Registration prices will be higher on-site. Make your Caribe room reservation before January 6, 2016 by calling 888-258-7501 or click here.

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