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Insufficient A/C performance at idle

On some 2013 Chevrolet Sparks, the air conditioning duct temperature may be 10°F (5.6°C) warmer at idle, but is sufficient while driving .


Verify that the A/C pressures are within specifications at idle according to the A/C Performance Chart in the appropriate Service Information. See Figure 16. If A/C pressures and duct temperatures are not within specifications, perform the following:


  1. Verify the proper refrigerant level is in the A/C the system: 0.94 lbs (430 grams). If the refrigerant level is low, add GM-approved A/C dye to vehicles built before January 29, 2013, recharge the system to specification, evaluate, and perform an electronic and black light leak detection test. A/C dye began being added during assembly of the Spark at the plant on January 29, 2013.
  2. If pressures at idle and slightly above (increased by 200 RPM) are the within 10 PSI (69 kPa) of each other, do not attempt any repairs or replace any parts at this time. GM Engineering is working on a repair to address this condition.
  3. If the pressures are not within normal specifications at idle but become normal slightly above idle (for example, at idle the low side pressure is higher than normal, i.e. 60 PSI (414 kPa) at 72°F (22°C), and then when the engine RPM is raised higher, i.e. 1500 RPM, the low pressure drops to within spec, i.e. 40 PSI (276 kPa), this indicates an internal compressor seal condition and the A/C compressor will require replacement.If you are a service professional and not a MACS member yet, you should be!Become a member and receive a monthly technical newsletter with information like what you’ve just read in this blog post visit for more information.You can E-mail us at .

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