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Today’s technicians need to be total climate control management forensic scientists  


MACS June ACTION Magazine is all about mobile A/C diagnostics!

By Peter Orlando, MACS Contributor

 Technicians need proper skills to work on today’s climate control systems. It is up to industry professionals to ensure they are service-ready and have all the necessary certifications and safety awareness training before they attempt any A/C service work on a vehicle.

We are required to perform a diagnostic system performance test to determine what diagnostic direction we will take on the problem based on the customer’s complaint. Many times, we need to determine up front if a problem is addressed by a Preliminary Inspection or TSB. If we don’t, we can waste many hours on a problem. Following proper OEM test procedures is essential for achieving a job well done, delivered on time and at the price agreed upon while making a profit. Read the rest of the story here.

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