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Do you know your HVAC components?


The first part of any good under-hood inspection should include a label check. The labels below provide us with refrigerant charge specifications to correlate to the OE specifications found in service information. Notice the specifications for the R-1234yf charge capacity on the label match the service information specification. If this vehicle was sent from a collision shop, and we needed to perform an A/C service, but the specifications label was missing due to the accident, we’d have to look it up anyway. The fact that we have two areas to search for the specifications is to our advantage. If they didn’t match we would have some “Soul” searching to do (TSB’s, Preliminary Inspection Bulletins, etc.). Remember this is a later model car with a brand new refrigerant in it from the factory. As we’ve seen in the past, the factory adjusts charge amounts if there are In-service performance complaints.

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