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Invest in yourself with a MACS membership

By Andy Fiffick MACSW Chairman and CEO

More than 700 attendees came together for MACS 40th Anniversary and Trade Show, February 19-22 in Nashville, TN, and it was a successful event for all who participated. What made it great? There were high-level service, repair and business training, a sold-out trade show, great networking events and the excitement of Nashville nightlife, all of which were terrific.


The most important part of the event, and what really made the MACS 40th Anniversary Training Event a success were all the MACS members! Being able to talk to other members face-to-face and share stories and experiences was invaluable. I learn just as much networking and socializing with our fellow MACS members at these events as I do in the training sessions.


Membership in the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide means you pay a fee annually to receive all of our publications and benefits, such as our Mobile Diagnostics App, access to a helpline, health insurance, business insurance, discounts on Lenovo computers, GE appliances, UPS, Yellow Freight and services from Cintas, including uniforms, parts washers, first aid cabinets, AED stations and more.


Many people think when they pass the Section 609 certification class that they are members of MACS. MACS Section 609 Certification is the EPA clean air act requirement, which is the regulatory credential needed to purchase refrigerant and recover and recycle refrigerant. MACS membership, however, is the next step to connecting yourself to the mobile A/C and engine cooling system industry.


A very wise, long-time MACS member once said, “MACS membership does not cost – it pays!” When you add up all the technical content, MACS Mobile A/C Diagnostics APP with Motor’s A/C and Spec library, clinic and convention discounts and business discounts, your membership in MACS pays for itself.
Since January 1 of this year, 32 new members have joined MACS. I hope by next month if you have not already joined us, you take the time to become a new member and help our organization be relevant and successful for the next 40 years.

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