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How does someone access the MACS Section 609 Certification online test

You can access your online test by clicking on “Welcome(FirstName)” at the top of the page, then selecting “View My Tests & Courses”

The test is only available one time. If you fail, you need to purchase the retake exam. We strongly recommend the FREE practice exam for preparation. The practice exam is also only available once, but a passing score is not required.

It takes one hour for your temporary certificate to populate after passing the online exam.

MACS will mail your frameable certificate and wallet card within 10 to 14 days of passing the exam.

How can someone become a member of MACS?

Click here to read about becoming a MACS member. MACS members can draw from a community of shared knowledge and resources to aid in better job completion. Please note: Section 609 Certification is not a MACS membership.

How can someone become a MACS Section 609 Proctor?

Click here and navigate to the Section 609 section for information on becoming a proctor. Fill out the forms and send them to MACS by fax at (215) 631-7017, or email them

Are there penalties for not complying with Section 609 Certification?

Yes. A technician can be fined up to $40,000 per day. Please view all penalties on the U.S. EPA website here:

What’s the fastest way for technicians who are in a rush to get certified

Review the study guide and purchase the online test for $20. As soon as they pass, they can print temporary Section 609 credentials. They may use them until they receive their certificate and card in the mail.

What does a MACS Section 609 Certification card look like?

See picture of the most recent looking card. Older Cards will not say HFO-1234yf and very old cards say CFC-12 (and do not say Section 609). However, they are still valid. If a distributor disputes a technician’s card, have the distributor call the MACS office at 215-631-7020.

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How can technicians get a copy of their previous certification?

MACS can provide technicians a reprint of their 609 Certification credentials ONLY if they were certified by MACS or IMACA. For MACS to search for their record, they need to completely fill out this form. <link to form> In addition, $10 will be charged for all searches of MACS’ database even if MACS is unable to find the technician’s credentials.

Please do not fax the reprint request more than once. Duplicate requests slow down MACS’ ability to serve requests quickly and efficiently. If a technician was certified by another provider, they need to contact that provider.

MACS requests that technicians do not request a copy of their certification unless they’re absolutely positive they took a MACS or IMACA Section 609 test. If they can’t remember, they are better served taking the test again. MACS and ASE are separate organizations.

Do technicians who already have a 609 Certification need to be re-certified?

If a technician was certified anytime since 1991, there is no required re-certification. Their certification is good for life. However, in 2015, the 609 Certification program was updated to include training for working with R-1234yf. If a technician plans to service R-1234yf vehicles, it’s strongly recommended they re-certify.

What score is needed to pass the test?

A minimum score of 84 is required to pass the online and home study open book test. Proctored closed book group test takers must achieve a score of 72. A 10-question practice test is also available at no charge.

How can a vehicle technician become Section 609 Certified?

MACS provides the Section 609 Certification test. The cost of the test is $20 per technician and is available online and at-home. Online is the fastest way for technicians to obtain their 609 Certification. Training classes for groups can be arranged by calling (215) 631-7020 ext. 304.

What is the Section 609 Certification?

609 Certification is part of the U.S. Clean Air Act of 1990. Since 1992, federal law has required technicians working for pay to be certified to recover and recycle refrigerant. In addition, only certified technicians are allowed to purchase R-12. As of January 1, 2018, purchasing two pounds or more of refrigerants is also now restricted to certified technicians. Before purchasing refrigerant, you must display a Section 609 card.

Visit this web page for more information and EPA links to federal regulations about EPA 609 Certification.