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Headshot of Troy

Troy Farr

A/C Product Manager and A/C Catalog Manager

1-800 Radiator & A/C

With over 40 years of experience in the automotive A/C industry. Troy had an early interest in cars, and began his career working a summer job at the A-R-A distributor in SLC, Utah at 13 years of age. Promoted to parts manager in 1983 and began working full time. “Times were a little simpler back then, we had 6 different compressors in stock. Inventory tracking was done on card stocks from hand written shop invoices”. In 1993 Troy was hired by J-mac Radiator to build an A/C parts distributor program, and was soon promoted as general manager. By 2003, business had grown to 13 locations in 8 different states. Keys to success were attributed to development of one of the 1st interfaced electronic catalogs, and logistics with the “Do It Right The 1st Time” compressor kits. Current responsibilities include warranty analysis and tracking, working with vendors at the manufacturer level to offer the best quality parts, and maintaining the A/C Catalog. Personal interests include landscaping, golf, and martial arts where a black belt ranking has been achieved in 2 modalities.