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Desiccant’s job in your mobile A/C system

Desiccant Replacement
 The purpose of desiccant in a mobile air conditioning system is to absorb and hold moisture. Moisture in a system (above an acceptable level) can lead to corrosion and degradation of the lubricant.
Desiccant material is located in the refrigerant circuit. Servicing of the desiccant will depend upon its location. The location may not allow the replacement of only the desiccant material, resulting in the replacement of an accumulator, or a receiver drier assembly. Systems having an integral receiver drier condenser assembly may have the service feature that allows replacement of the desiccant pack.
Desiccant Replacement Guidelines
Desiccant replacement guidelines vary among vehicle manufacturers and system, component and parts suppliers. To maintain the warranty on purchased parts, desiccant must be replaced as specified by the particular supplier whose parts are being installed.
When having your mobile A/C system professionally serviced, insist on proper repair procedures and quality replacement parts. Insist on recovery and recycling so that refrigerant can be reused and not released into the atmosphere.
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