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Emily Geliebter

Meetings and Membership Engagement Manager | 215-631-7020 x306

Emily joined MACS in June of 2024, bringing extensive knowledge of event management and execution. Possessing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, she has diversified her experience across various areas, including senior services and forensic science. Her enthusiasm for events is a valuable asset to the MACS team. In her free time, Emily is dedicated to coaching soccer and cherishes moments with her family and her dog, Louie.


Headshot of Elvis

Elvis L Hoffpauir

President and COO | 215-631-7020 x 303

Elvis Hoffpauir is currently president and COO of MACS. He’s worked in the automotive air conditioning and cooling industry since 1979. He’s been with MACS since it was founded in 1981, first serving as managing director before becoming vice president and then president in 2000. He’s coordinated all of MACS’ programs and projects, including the EPA-mandated certification in refrigerant recycling and service procedures (as required by Section 609 of the Clean Air Act). In addition, he coordinates other technician training offered at annual conventions and service clinics held throughout the U.S.


Headshot of Lynn

Lynn Marie Fee

VP Accounting and Human Resources | 215-631-7020 x314

Lynn joined Macs in 2001 and manages all MACS accounting and personnel needs. She is a graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh with a BS in Accounting and 26 years of experience in accounting and auditing. Her experience in human resources grew out of compensation and benefits responsibilities. Lynn aids MACS members by managing the overall financial health of the organization and helping manage MACS goals and objectives each year. Lynn enjoys spending time with her family and reading.


Headshot of Marion

Marion Posen

VP Member Relations and Marketing | 215-631-7020 x 304

Marion is a graduate of Auburn University and a 10-year veteran of broadcast television promotion, having earned an Emmy and Emmy nomination for broadcast news marketing. Marion also has a background in national brand retail sales and automotive finance, all of which led her to join MACS in 2001.  Marion’s role is communicating membership value to MACS members and potential members through MACS’ publications and training programs. She also works with the management team on promoting MACS. Marion is happiest when she’s at the beach with her family.


Headshot of Maria

Maria Watchous

Director of Operations | 215-631-7020 x 305

Maria started with MACS in 1999 and is still rolling with the changes. MACS is always looking for the best way to do things—that’s what makes it a great place to work. Maria manages MACS property and provides support to Lynn Fee with staff and Section 609 processes. Maria is always available to help members find the right solutions. A sibling of seven and mother of four, Maria enjoys traveling and being out in nature, either on her two legs or a horses’ four.


Headshot of Steve

Steve Schaeber

Manager of Service Training | 215-631-7020 x

Steve joined MACS in 2013 and is a graduate of Pennsylvania College of Technology.  Steve provides technical support to MACS members, provides mobile A/C training classes and writes air conditioning related technical content. He is also involved in the greater automotive industry on behalf of MACS members through the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Human Factors Technical Committee 6 (SAE-HFTC6) and Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association (TMC).


Laina Forcey

Graphic Design Manager | 215-631-7020 x 315

Laina had been with MACS since 2002.  She designs MACS’ award-winning ACtion magazine and every other publication MACS has produced.


Giselle Horrell

Member Service | 215-631-7020 X 311

Giselle is the newest member of the MACS team, starting in 2018.  She helps MACS customers with membership renewals and 609 Certifications.


Hannah Mahoney

Member Services | 215-631-7020 x 313

Hannah has worked at MACS since the summer of 2017. She helps MACS customers with MACS’ Proctor program and 609 Certifications.


Victoria Pettit

Member Service | 215-631-7020 x 312

Victoria has worked at MACS since summer of 2018.  She helps MACS customers with MACS’ 609 Certifications.