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The cooling system is connected to the A/C system

Proper air conditioning system operation is dependent on proper cooling system operation.

As complex as motor vehicles have become in recent years, one system that still remains relatively easy to understand, and in many ways, unchanged for years now, is the engine cooling system. All still contain familiar components such as the radiator, water pump, fan, thermostat, heater core, and hoses. One major change that has taken place in recent years, however, is the fact that most vehicles now have cooling fans that are driven by an electric motor instead of belts, and only run when signaled to do so through an electrical switch and/or temperature sensor and relay. On vehicles with computerized engine controls, the engine control computer usually controls the operation of the electric fan motor.
When having your mobile A/C system professionally serviced, insist on proper repair procedures and quality replacement parts. Insist on recovery and recycling so that refrigerant can be reused and not released into the atmosphere.  
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