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A dusty note from the field

A few posts ago we discussed cabin air filters (review post here what they do and how they help keep the air you’re breathing inside your vehicle clean.  MACS member service shop Marks Air in Tampa, Florida sent us a photo of a cabin air filter that had more than served its purpose.

This particular cabin air filter came from a Volvo class 8 truck and it hadn’t been changed for three years! It was retired in favor of a replacement. We wanted to share this photo with you to show you how cabin air filters do their job.
Remember to have your vehicle’s cabin air filter checked and see if after this hot summer you need a new one.
When having your mobile A/C system professionally serviced, insist on proper repair procedures and quality replacement parts. Insist on recovery and recycling so that refrigerant can be reused and not released into the atmosphere.                                
You can E-mail us at or visit to find a Mobile Air Conditioning Society repair shop in your area. Visit to find out more about your car’s mobile A/C and engine cooling system.
Thanks to Mobile Air Conditioning Society member Gordon Marks at Marks Air, Tampa,
Florida for this photo and information. Marks Air has been a member of MACS for 27 years!

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