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Time counts!

By Angie Kilbourne

Despite the awesome features available on social media, it can be a time sink — whether as part of a business’ marketing program or as a consumer. And even if you are doing it right, social media marketing can consume a lot of time. So what can a business do to speed up the process and become more time-efficient? After all, you have other important things to do, right?

Cap It!
“Nobody has time to engage on all of the networks they should or would like to be on,” explains Julie Graff, brand engagement strategist for Pole Position Marketing. The only real reason to be on a social network is because your audience is there, and you believe you can engage with them there, adds Graff. But, it is important to decide in advance how much time you or your staff is going to allocate to social media.
First, determine where your current and target customers are: Is it Facebook? Is it Instagram? Just as you want to know the best daytime phone number and messaging service to reach them, ask which social media platforms they use frequently. This will help whittle down the number of social media platforms, and keep you and your staff focused on where your customers are engaged. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

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