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Finding yf (2019 Refrigerant Update)

By Steve Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor (May 20, 2019)

©2019 Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide

As part of our continuing effort to document the industry’s changeover to R-1234yf, MACS once again attended the Philadelphia Auto Show to see the new models, open a few (actually all of the) hoods, and see what refrigerant is being used. This year we skipped a few brands we knew had already changed, and scoped out those we had missed in previous years, as well as some we were really curious about. Here’s what we found.

  • Since dealers sold the last R-134a Jeep (Patriot MK74) in 2018, and now having converted the remaining “old” minivans (Caravans built on the RT platform were supposed to be discontinued but have held on due to high fleet demand), the only remaining FCA model that has yet to be yf converted is the Abarth 124 Spider, which we don’t expect will happen anytime soon. It’s built in Japan by Mazda and finished by Abarth in Italy, so until Mazda converts (any) of its vehicles over to yf (this one’s a cousin to the MX-5 Miata), we expect it to remain R-134a for the time being.
  • The only newcomer we saw from Ford was the Transit Connect van, which is made in Europe and has been the subject of controversy for some time as many are imported as passenger cars and later converted to avoid a 25% US tariff.
  • Mitsubishi may only sell three models in the US, but one of them holds the all-time record for the lowest refrigerant charge of any newly manufactured vehicle. Mirage uses only 9.5 ounces of R-134a! Eclipse and Outlander use yf.
  • We didn’t check any of the BMW models as they switched their entire lineup for 2018. Same goes for all JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) and Minis. We also tied off other brands that have fully switched this year, including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Lincoln and VW.
  • We could only find two holdouts (without verifying Volvo and Infinity), and not surprisingly they are Mazda and Mercedes. The latter makes sense, as there was quite a controversy over the new refrigerant more than 5 years ago that included MB recalling 432 SL-Class yf vehicles through US dealers back in 2012. And now that EPA’s MY2021 cutoff has officially been revoked, there’s a real possibility that we may not see Mercedes use yf in the States for many years (if ever). As it stands now the only reason they would want (or need) to switch is if they really need the CO2 credits (which most manufacturers of large, heavy vehicles with big engines need to meet EPA targets). But Daimler is in a unique position as they build some of the most expensive, high-end luxury vehicles in country, and as such they command a premium which likely includes a few dollars to “purchase credits” from other OEMs who have extra to sell (such as those who focus on smaller, lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles with smaller engines, hybrids and/or BEVs). Mazda on the other hand is just exactly that. 2019 Mazdas average 28.2 mpg with their lowest (CX-9) getting 23. Meanwhile MB models average only 20.9 mpg, and with both around 2% market share, you’re not dealing with huge offsets anyway.
  • Acura converted ILX, MDX and RDX production over to yf, but not all variants. MDX hybrids still use R-134a with ND-OIL11 (POE). And now that Honda uses yf in the HR-V, they have only to change Fit to complete their lineup.
  • Hyundai switched a big portion of their systems this year, too. Santa Fe, Sonata, Tucson, and Veloster now use yf, which gives Hyundai a 2/3 internal majority. And in most likelihood, two of the models we saw with R-134a (Elantra and Santa Fe XL) were probably built right before the factory switch to yf, considering that Elantra GT and Santa Fe base already use it. If that’s the case, they saved hybrid models for last to switch, and as we’ve seen with others, this too makes sense given their added complexity.

Note: If you’re a regular reader of my “Service Port” column in MACS ACtion® Magazine, you may have noticed that we didn’t include our usual chart in the April 2019 issue, and the reason is simple: It’s just too big! This year we decided to list out every make and model that we’ve been following over the years, and compile one master list that includes exactly what you’ve been asking for: what uses what. So we’re posting it here on our MACS WordPress BLOG, along with this expanded version of the print article. And while you’re here, make sure you check out the other A/C articles we’ve posted as well.

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and by the way, this article, and the contents of the chart below are (as all MACS works are…) ©2019 Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide. So, PLEASE don’t copy our work and try to pass it off as your own (you know who you are). That’s called plagiarism, and you’ve been told not to do that since you were in grade school. It’s not nice to steal from others, so you shouldn’t do it, and also, it’s just plain wrong. Thanks!


Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide
MY2019 Cumulative Refrigerant Survey
By Steve Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor
318 Total # of vehicles surveyed
138 Total # using R-134a 43.40%
180 Total # using R-1234yf 56.60%
Make Model Refrigerant
Acura ILX Premium R-1234yf
Acura MDX AWD A-Spec R-1234yf
Acura MDX Sport Hybrid Advance R-134a
Acura RDX SH-AWD Advance R-1234yf
Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD Advance R-134a
Acura TLX 2.4 R-134a
Acura TLX 3.3 R-134a
Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Lusso RWD R-1234yf
Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD R-1234yf
Audi A4 R-1234yf
Audi A5 R-134a
Audi A6 R-134a
Audi A7 R-134a
Audi Q3 R-134a
Audi Q5 S R-1234yf
Audi Q7 R-134a
Audi RS 3 R-134a
Audi TT R-134a
BMW 330 E R-1234yf
BMW 530 E R-1234yf
BMW Alpina B7 R-1234yf
BMW GT 640i (2018) R-1234yf
BMW M2 R-1234yf
BMW M5 R-1234yf
BMW M6 R-1234yf
BMW X2 xDrive 28i R-1234yf
BMW X3 M40i R-1234yf
BMW X5 40e iPerformance R-1234yf
BMW X5 M R-1234yf
Buick Cascada R-134a
Buick Enclave Avenir R-1234yf
Buick Encore R-134a
Buick Envision R-134a
Buick LaCrosse R-1234yf
Buick LaCrosse Avenir R-1234yf
Buick Regal Preferred II Convertible R-1234yf
Buick Regal TourX Preferred Wagon R-1234yf
Cadillac ATS-V R-1234yf
Cadillac CTS-V R-1234yf
Cadillac CT6 R-1234yf
Cadillac Escalade R-1234yf
Cadillac XT5 R-1234yf
Cadillac XTS R-1234yf
Chevrolet Blazer R-1234yf
Chevrolet Bolt EV (Battery Electric) R-1234yf
Chevrolet Camaro R-1234yf
Chevrolet Colorado R-1234yf
Chevrolet Colorado LT Diesel R-1234yf
Chevrolet Corvette R-134a
Chevrolet Cruze Sedan R-1234yf
Chevrolet Equinox R-1234yf
Chevrolet Express Cargo Van R-134a
Chevrolet Impala R-1234yf
Chevrolet Malibu R-1234yf
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 R-1234yf
Chevrolet Silverado HD 2500 R-134a
Chevrolet Silverado 5500 R-134a
Chevrolet Sonic R-134a
Chevrolet Spark R-1234yf
Chevrolet Suburban R-1234yf
Chevrolet Tahoe R-1234yf
Chevrolet Traverse R-1234yf
Chevrolet Trax R-134a
Chevrolet Volt R-134a
Chrysler 200 (2017) R-1234yf
Chrysler 300 R-1234yf
Chrysler 300C R-1234yf
Chrysler Pacifica R-1234yf
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid R-1234yf
Dodge Caravan (RT) R-1234yf
Dodge Challenger R-1234yf
Dodge Charger R-1234yf
Dodge Charger Daytona R-1234yf
Dodge Dart (2016) R-1234yf
Dodge Durango R-1234yf
Dodge Journey R-1234yf
Fiat 124 Spider Abarth R-134a
Fiat 500 R-1234yf
Fiat 500c Cabrio R-1234yf
Fiat 500e R-1234yf
Fiat 500L R-1234yf
Fiat 500X R-1234yf
Ford C-MAX Hybrid (2018) R-134a
Ford Edge R-1234yf
Ford Escape R-1234yf
Ford Expedition R-1234yf
Ford Expedition MAX R-1234yf
Ford Explorer R-134a
Ford F-150 R-1234yf
Ford F-150 Raptor R-134a
Ford F-250 R-134a
Ford F-350 R-134a
Ford Fiesta R-134a
Ford Flex R-134a
Ford Focus RS (2018) R-1234yf
Ford Focus ST (2018) R-1234yf
Ford Fusion Energi R-1234yf
Ford Fusion Sport R-1234yf
Ford Mustang R-1234yf
Ford Mustang BULLITT R-1234yf
Ford Mustang Convertible R-1234yf
Ford Ranger R-1234yf
Ford Taurus R-134a
Ford Transit R-134a
Ford Transit Connect R-1234yf
Genesis G70 HTRAC 2.0T R-1234yf
Genesis G70 HTRAC 3.3T R-1234yf
Genesis G80 R-1234yf
Genesis G80 Sport HTRAC 3.3T R-1234yf
Genesis G90 5.0 HTRAC R-134a
GMC Acadia R-1234yf
GMC Acadia Denali R-1234yf
GMC Canyon Denali R-1234yf
GMC Sierra 1500 R-1234yf
GMC Sierra Denali 2500 4WD Crew R-134a
GMC Terrain Denali R-1234yf
GMC Yukon Denali R-1234yf
GMC Yukon XL R-1234yf
Honda Accord 2.0T Sport R-1234yf
Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L R-1234yf
Honda Civic 1.5T 4-Door EX R-1234yf
Honda Civic Hatch Sport Touring R-1234yf
Honda Civic Si 2-Door HPT R-1234yf
Honda Civic Type R Touring R-1234yf
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell R-1234yf
Honda Clarity Plug-In Touring R-1234yf
Honda CR-V 1.5T R-1234yf
Honda CR-V 2.4L R-1234yf
Honda Fit R-134a
Honda HR-V R-1234yf
Honda Insight Hybrid Touring R-1234yf
Honda Odyssey R-1234yf
Honda Passport R-1234yf
Honda Pilot R-1234yf
Honda Ridgeline R-1234yf
Hyundai Accent R-1234yf
Hyundai Elantra R-134a
Hyundai Elantra GT Sport R-1234yf
Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid R-134a
Hyundai Kona R-1234yf
Hyundai Palisade R-1234yf
Hyundai Santa Fe R-1234yf
Hyundai Santa Fe XL R-134a
Hyundai Sonata R-1234yf
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid R-134a
Hyundai Tucson R-1234yf
Hyundai Veloster R-1234yf
Infinity Q50 R-134a
Infinity Q50S R-134a
Infinity Q60 R-134a
Infinity Q60S R-134a
Infinity Q70L R-134a
Infinity QX30 R-134a
Infinity QX60 R-134a
Infinity QX80 R-134a
Jaguar E-Pace R-1234yf
Jaguar F-Pace R-1234yf
Jaguar F-Type R-1234yf
Jaguar XE R-1234yf
Jaguar XF R-1234yf
Jaguar XJ R-1234yf
Jaguar XJL R-1234yf
Jeep Cherokee Limited R-1234yf
Jeep Compass R-1234yf
Jeep Gladiator Pickup R-1234yf
Jeep Grand Cherokee R-1234yf
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited R-1234yf
Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland R-1234yf
Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel R-1234yf
Jeep Patriot (2017) R-134a
Jeep Renegade Latitude R-1234yf
Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon R-1234yf
Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited R-1234yf
Kia Cadenza Premium R-1234yf
Kia Forte LX R-134a
Kia Forte S R-134a
Kia Niro Hybrid R-1234yf
Kia Optima LX R-1234yf
Kia Optima S R-1234yf
Kia Rio 5-door S R-1234yf
Kia Sedona LX R-134a
Kia Sorento R-134a
Kia Sorento EX AWD R-134a
Kia Soul R-1234yf
Kia Soul + R-1234yf
Kia Sportage R-1234yf
Kia Sportage LX R-1234yf
Kia Stinger AWD R-1234yf
Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE R-1234yf
Land Rover LR4 HSE (2016) R-1234yf
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque R-1234yf
Land Rover Range Roger HSE R-1234yf
Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE R-1234yf
Lexus ES 300h R-134a
Lexus ES350 R-134a
Lexus ES350 F Sport R-1234yf
Lexus GS F R-134a
Lexus GX 460 R-134a
Lexus IS 350F R-134a
Lexus ISF Sport R-134a
Lexus LC 500 R-1234yf
Lexus LS500 AWD R-1234yf
Lexus LX 570 R-134a
Lexus NX300 F Sport R-134a
Lexus NX 300h R-134a
Lexus RC 300 R-134a
Lexus RX 350F R-134a
Lexus RX 450h R-134a
Lincoln Continental R-134a
Lincoln Nautilus R-1234yf
Lincoln Navigator R-1234yf
Lincoln MKC R-134a
Lincoln MKX Black Label (2018) R-134a
Lincoln MKZ R-1234yf
Mazda 3 R-134a
Mazda 6 R-134a
Mazda CX-3 AWD R-134a
Mazda CX-5 R-134a
Mazda CX-9 AWD R-134a
Mazda MX-5 R-134a
Mazda MX-5 Miata RF R-134a
Mercedes A 220 4MATIC R-134a
Mercedes AMG C 43 R-134a
Mercedes AMG CLS 53 R-134a
Mercedes AMG GLS 63 R-134a
Mercedes AMG E 53 R-134a
Mercedes CLA 250 R-134a
Mercedes CLS 450 4MATIC Coupe R-134a
Mercedes E 300 R-134a
Mercedes E 450 4MATIC Wagon R-134a
Mercedes G 550 R-134a
Mercedes GLA 250 R-134a
Mercedes GLC 300 R-134a
Mercedes GLE 43 R-134a
Mercedes GLE 400 R-134a
Mercedes GLS 53 R-134a
Mercedes GLS 450 R-134a
Mercedes S 560 4MATIC Sedan R-134a
Mini Cooper Convertible Euro R-1234yf
Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-door R-1234yf
Mini Cooper S Clubman R-1234yf
Mini Cooper S Countryman R-1234yf
Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works R-1234yf
Mini Cooper S Plug-in Hybrid R-1234yf
Mini Countryman R-1234yf
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross R-1234yf
Mitsubishi Mirage R-134a
Mitsubishi Mirage SE R-134a
Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 LE S-AWC R-1234yf
Mitsubishi Outlander 3.0 GT R-1234yf
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV R-1234yf
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport R-134a
Nissan 370ZX R-134a
Nissan Altima R-1234yf
Nissan Armada R-134a
Nissan Frontier R-134a
Nissan Kicks R-1234yf
Nissan Leaf R-134a
Nissan Maxima SR R-134a
Nissan Murano R-134a
Nissan NV200 R-134a
Nissan Pathfinder R-134a
Nissan Rogue SL R-134a
Nissan Rogue Sport R-1234yf
Nissan Sentra R-134a
Nissan Titan R-1234yf
Nissan Versa R-134a
Porsche Cayenne GTS R-134a
Ram 1500 R-1234yf
Ram 2500 R-134a
Ram 2500 ProMaster Cargo Van R-134a
Ram 3500 R-134a
Ram ProMaster City Wagon R-134a
Subaru Ascent R-1234yf
Subaru BRZ R-134a
Subaru Crosstrek R-134a
Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Plug-In R-134a
Subaru Forester R-1234yf
Subaru Impreza R-134a
Subaru Legacy R-1234yf
Subaru Outback R-1234yf
Subaru WRX R-134a
Tesla Model 3 R-134a
Tesla Model S R-134a
Tesla Model X R-134a
Tesla Roadster R-134a
Toyota 86 R-134a
Toyota 4Runner R-134a
Toyota Avalon R-134a
Toyota Camry R-1234yf
Toyota CH-R R-1234yf
Toyota Corolla R-134a
Toyota Corolla iM R-134a
Toyota Highlander Hybrid R-134a
Toyota Land Cruiser R-134a
Toyota Prius R-134a
Toyota Prius C R-134a
Toyota Prius Prime R-134a
Toyota RAV4 R-134a
Toyota Sequoia R-134a
Toyota Sienna R-134a
Toyota Tacoma R-1234yf
Toyota Tundra R-1234yf
VW Atlas R-1234yf
VW Beetle R-1234yf
VW Beetle Convertible R-1234yf
VW Golf Alltrack R-1234yf
VW Golf GTI R-1234yf
VW eGolf R-1234yf
VW Jetta R-1234yf
VW Passat R-1234yf
VW Tiguan R-1234yf
Volvo XC60 R-134a
Volvo S60 R-134a
Volvo S90 Momentum R-134a
Volvo T8 Plug-in R-134a
Volvo V90 R-Design R-134a
Volvo XC90 Momentum R-134a

Note: Unless otherwise noted above, all vehicles are 2019 model year.

Except Infinity (2018)

Except Volvo (2018)

Please report any comments, errors or omissions to


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