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Meet MACS Member Joey Rosato of Texas Truck A/C

Joey Rosato is second-generation and Director of Marketing for family-run Texas Truck A/C in Dallas, TX. Joey tells us, “It all started in 1996, when Nick Rosato (Joey’s Dad) set out on his own to work on trash truck A/C systems out of his pick-up truck. Since then, we have grown in and out of an entire facility, facility expansion, and currently run 10 service trucks. We are family owned and operated and have grown steadily in 2020. Family members include CEO Nick Rosato and President Marci Rosato. All of our business is centered around the proper function of interior climate control systems.”

Joey Rosato

Joey explains, “We perform repairs on all heavy-duty, off-road, truck, van, and bus applications. If the vehicle has a closed cab, we can keep it cool through our repair, maintenance and installation services. Our most recent unusual repair was on a 2015 Kenworth. The complaint was that the bunk had no air flow, and we diagnosed the issue to be one of the driver’s garments caught up in the blower wheel!”

The unprecedented times we are living in with COVID-19 has thrown us all a curve ball, and we asked Joey how Texas Truck A/C is dealing with it, “The largest challenge in this time of pandemic is overcoming the barrier that various guidelines have placed between us and our customers. At Texas Truck A/C, we view our customers as an extension of our team and family, so conducting business interactions in a way that keeps all parties comfortable has been a moderately difficult task, as we place our customers health and comfort above all other concerns.”

We asked Joey what is the one thing he could not run his shop without? “It would be impossible to run our business without proper air conditioning gauges, as different refrigerant types require specific gauges, and gauges are instrumental in diagnosing any repair. We have invested in diagnostic software programs that aid us in diagnosing advanced repairs, as they provide us deeper insights into the fault codes of different equipment types. More advanced diagnostic software programs, that provide insight directly specific to application, would be our primary wish list item. This would allow for premium efficiency when diagnosing certain advanced repairs.”

What should all shops consider in their business outlook? Joey told us, “We’d advise our peers to remain open to new ideas and perspectives, as times are changing, and the A/C industry is changing right along with them. We continue to find ways to better our operations through the employment of cutting-edge service technologies.”

Joey wants all of his customers to know, “One thing every customer should know about our repair shop is that we provide honest services that we stand behind. We’re transparent with our customers, and that has come to benefit us over time.”

Because Texas Truck A/C has been a MACS member for 22-years, we asked Joey what are the reasons his family has remained loyal? “We are a MACS member because we value the opportunity to grow and share information alongside our industrial counterparts. We believe in the sharing of news and knowledge between industry members for the sake of progress, and we feel that the MACS organization shares that belief.”

“Our favorite perk of being a MACS member is the opportunity to stay in touch with vendors and industrial partners alike. We enjoy the networking opportunities that the trade show offers, and always appreciate the opportunity to educate ourselves on the latest turns in the air conditioning industry.

We attend the MACS convention annually, as it provides our technicians with unique training and section 609 certification opportunities, while simultaneously offering networking opportunities for our managerial staff. MACS conventions have always been strong opportunities for our team members to learn and bond together; we always seem to return home a stronger team than we left. These conventions have become a staple in the annual Texas Truck AC event calendar. We’ll see you in Orlando, February 3-6, 2021!”

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