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Headshot of Caroline

Caroline Acebedo

MACS Treasurer

Vice President, Co-Owner, Director of Operations

Marks Air, Inc.

Caroline grew up in this industry (literally—she’s been around this since she was in a playpen). At the beginning of 2000, she started as a full-time member of the Marks Air team, which is an A/C-only service shop that also distributes A/C parts worldwide. Before that, her experience concentrated on customer service and the customer experience. She currently serves on the advisory board for Erwin Technical College and the Diesel Program for Hillsborough Community College. She’s also a 609 proctor and have been serving on the MACS board for five years.

Caroline is a soccer mom of two teenage daughters and she loves exercise, yoga, Star Wars, Beastie Boys, good conversations, the beach, motivating others and learning. She’s also a history nerd and book worm. Pizza, red wine and guacamole are some of her major weaknesses (though not normally all at the same time). Out of all the things Caroline loves, smiling is her favorite.