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Topic Description

Peter Orlando

Modern vehicles have an increasing number of climate control strategies impacting total thermal management. Technicians need to adapt to advances in technology by looking at data parameters that are available to them. When a climate control complaint comes into a shop, most technicians will not reach for a scan tool at first. We may choose the RRR equipment due to our comfort level with using it to conduct an A/C performance test. Many technicians are still unaware of the amount of data available on late model systems to aid in diagnostic direction for climate control system performance analytics.

Assessing customer complaints with external equipment may not be necessary in all cases to determine diagnostic direction if the answers to a TRUE performance test are built-in to the vehicle.

Multiple modules are sharing the sense, compare, and correction necessary to impact TRUE engine temperature and total climate control strategies. What would happen if a true performance test required the use of a scan tool initially?

Think about it! There is not one OE manufacturer that prescribes hooking up the RRR machine and taking the vehicle out on a road test! Why not look at the data the modules are seeing to seek the truth in our climate control system analysis?

This seminar will cover:

  • Using a scan tool to diagnose climate control complaints
  • What climate control parameters are available on my scan tool
  • OE vs Aftermarket s tools: What are we missing?
  • Season ourselves for the season with REASON!