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All about receiver driers


One response to “All about receiver driers”

  1. meyerjr says:

    A newbe to auto AC but learning fast. I was relieved to see the postscript video because I only recently learned of the “integrated” Receiver / Dryer with the (replaceable) desiccant supply as part of the condenser (e.g. Hyundai Accent)
    -As I understand it, IF the AC refrigerant circuit passes a leak test, after I recover any remaining refrigerant from the system. I could open the tube on the condenser, pull out the old “bag” /”tube” of desiccant and install a new one – just before pulling the proper, deep vacuum on the system and then adding the proper amount of oil and refrigerant.
    Further questions:
    Regarding the desiccant supply inside a standard, sealed Receiver/Dryer that has been in a system for several years and/or had the circuit open to air and moisture. Q: Does pulling the deep vacuum on the entire system, including the existing reliever / dryer, “re-activate” the desiccant’s ability to remove moisture?
    Regarding the sealed Receiver/Dryer” Q: Is the only reason that the “sight glass” has been removed from the receiver/dryer cans because of cost reduction? They are so helpful for quick troubleshooting of knowing if the mobile AC system having any refrigerant in the system … and I suspect to the trained eye, seeing the color and behavior of the liquid when the compressor is running tells several things before the gauges go on the system.
    I WISH that at some receiver/dryers would offer an upsell option to their models – one sub-model without and one sub-model # with a sight glass.

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